Release 4.62

Hi 👋 

Weglot 4.62 is now available! This release contains a new feature that allows you to pause your subscription.

We hope you enjoy this new release! As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

new  Pause Plan

This feature is available once a year for all users with a monthly payment plan. 

It allows you to pause your plan for up to three months. In the meantime, you won’t lose any data and the free plan limits will be enforced. When you pause your plan, any remaining days you paid for will be postponed until it's reactivated.

To access this functionality, go to the billing page and then select “Cancel current plan”. Then you will have the possibility to Downgrade, Cancel or Pause your subscription.

Select "Pause" and then choose how long you want to pause your plan: one, two, or three months

Weglot will take care of everything! Your plan will be paused during the selected amount of time and will be automatically reactivated and the end of the period. 

You can also reactivate your subscription at any time on the billing page.

Release 4.60

Hi everyone, this cumulative changelog covers a few releases over the month of August. It's a mix of continuous improvements, and a big rework of authentication to make it easier to login with Google & other providers, including enterprise-specific single sign-on. 

This also prepares the arrival of the "Organization" feature, which will make it easier to handle big teams working on multiple projects in Weglot. 

new SSO sign-in

You can now login to Weglot using your Google account, as well as your corporate account provided it supports SAML-based authentication (for enterprise-level customers only - contact us at if you're interested).

update  Page views

We released the new Page views statistics a few weeks ago, and now it's time for a first wave of user experience improvements based on your feedback. We've made the "language" display clearer by adding human-friendly label, as well as a visual indicator of whether a language is already translated or not. 


update URL exclusion

When you decide to exclude an URL or an URL range from future translation, Weglot will now ask you if you'd like to delete the associated translations that have already been created. 

You will also get a visual indicator that a URL has been excluded while browsing your translations. 

update Workflow

We want to make it easier for you to find new content and work on it by manually reviewing and editing translations. Expect a few upgrades in that direction in the next releases, but we've already made a few changes in that direction

  • In the URLs page, you can now sort URLs by "most recently created", so you'll have easy access to new pages that might require manual review. 
  • The default sort when accessing your translations will show you content that was newly created and active on your website. 

Improvement Various

  • The glossary import & export feature has been reworked. It will give you an enhance preview when importing, as well as better information whenever an error occurs.
  • External links aren't created by default anymore, but have to be added manually. 
  • At registration, we'll tell you if your password doesn't match validation rules before you click any button. 
  • We have better compatibility with password managers, which won't try to fill up Weglot form fields that have nothing to do with them. 

Release 4.57

Hi! This week's big feature is the general availability of Page Views, the first in a series of features designed to give you more tools to measure and optimize the effects of your localization efforts. 

As always, if you have ideas or suggestions you'd like to see make it into the product, feel free to reach out to

new Page views statistics

The Page Views feature is now available for all Pro plans and above. 

It gives you insight into your website visitors’ location and their browser language, providing you with the data to see exactly where your website traffic is coming from and in what language visitors are viewing your site. 

This useful data can help you optimize your website translation efforts further and improve your international marketing strategy by understanding which new languages to target.  

You can activate the feature today in your Weglot dashboard. 

See my page views

beta URL Slugs import/export

For users with an Advanced plan and above using Weglot to translate their URLs, we now have capabilities to import and export your URL slugs. 

This makes it easy to translate the URLs in a staging environment and then importing it into a live website. It can also allows you to work with a Translation Management System to re-use existing translations to translate your URLs. 

If you'd like to test this feature, please reach out at

update Improvements

- Added a warning when you order professional translations that aren't active on your website. 

- Added a "View more" button to easily access older notifications in the notification popover. 

- Added additional information in the interface when a credit card is refused by our payment provider. 

- Improved formatting of a few notifications when it comes to numbers & dates. 

- Clarified the concept of "custom name" and "local custom name" when it comes to languages. 

- Fixed a bug where translations could be copy pasted twice twice inside of the Visual Editor. 

Release 4.56

Hi👋This week's release marks the return to our regular updates after the major technical update of release 4.54, and includes a number of quality of life improvements. 

beta Work has begun on the "Organization" feature, which will allow you to better organize multiple projects and team members. If you'd like to be involved in its development or would be interested in testing it, please reach out to!

new URL merging

You're now able to associate all translations present on a URL to another URL, allowing you to handle scenarios where content has been moved from page to page and helping with big content migrations.

new Search and filters in Exclusions page

You're now able to search and filter exclusion rules in their dedicated page, which will help maintaining huge projects with complex content structures. 

Improvement Billing Address Autocomplete

You'll now get an helpful autocomplete when setting or changing your billing address. 

Improvement URL cleaning

URLs will now get deleted automatically whenever all of the translations associated with them are removed. 

Improvement Integrations

  • (WordPress) We've released a version 3.7.2 of the WordPress plugin to deal with compatibility issues with certain WordPress hosting solutions. 
  • (JS) Added an option to disable cookies added for logging purposes. 
  • (Shopify) Improvements to the translations in certain cases during checkout. 
  • (Squarespace) Properly translate additional login menus. 
  • (Salesforce) Fixed an issue where translations would interfere with some UI components. 

Improvement Security

  • Disabling 2FA on your account now requires that you re-authenticate through it.
  • Changing the email on your account now requires verifying the new email address.

fix Various fixes

  • Fixed an issue where search strings weren't displayed after a reload. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where translations couldn't be edited without reloading the page after creating a variable.

Release 4.55

Hi 👋 This week's release major feature is a step towards giving you more tools to manage your active and inactive translations. 

As always, if you'd like to suggest improvements to the product, click on "❓" and "Feedback" from your Weglot dashboard!  

[Major] Ability to mass delete inactive translations

We’ve added an easy solution to delete all inactive translations (or only the ones you haven’t worked on manually) without having to go through the Translation List. You can access it through the Inactive Translations page


  • Fixes to the behavior of Weglot’s auto-switch with Filipino-speaking users.
  • Fixes to the behavior of Weglot’s auto-switch in incognito mode.


  • The WordPress plugin had a major release, 3.7, you can see what’s included here!
  • Improvements to our compatibility with Shopify apps checking for the users’ language.

Release 4.54

This week’s release focuses on a major technical upgrade to the framework used by the Weglot Dashboard. This is mostly under the hood and invisible to you, but improves reliability and opens the door for further improvements such as SSO. Stay tuned for that!

[New] URL-wide operations

You’re now able to easily order professional translations or export all your translations by selecting one or multiple pages.

[New] WordPress plugin 3.7

The new version of the WordPress plugin, version 3.7, has entered beta and will be released in a few days. It includes the following:

  • Access to the visual language switcher editor to easily customize the look of your switcher and preview the change live.
  • Improvements to the language switcher accessibility.
  • Better performance in the WordPress admin.
  • The ability to easily translate PDFs sent by some Woocommerce invoicing plugins.

If you’d like to beta test it, please reach out to us at

[Improvement] Squarespace Integration

We’ve made multiple changes to improve the experience for the newly released Squarespace native integration

[Improvement] Dashboard Interface

  • You can now access the edition of your translations directly from the homepage.
  • [Enterprise] The custom language creation flow handles erroneous inputs better.
  • [Enterprise] You can now more easily filter URL slugs by whether they’re translated or untranslated.

Bug fixes

  • Multiple fixes to the translation of the Shopify checkout.
  • A fix to how the Visual Editor handles some edge cases of Javascript-based navigation.

[Beta] Subdirectories

We’ve made several improvements to the technical setup flow for the Subdirectories - the ability to put your Spanish-translated pages under… and the same domain as your main website. If you’d like to beta test this feature, reach out to us at

Variables feature, Weglot Academy, and project search bar

new Variables

We’ve now added a variable feature that allows you to combine translations that have similar (but not identical) content, into a single one. This is useful as it allows you to reduce your word count.

For example, "Order #324", "Order#325", or if a customer is logged in on your website and you display a message such as "Hello John," you may have several translations like the following:

Once you turn this into a variable, it will appear like this in your Translations List:

To create a variable navigate to your Translations List and click on the ‘see details’ icon next to the relevant translation, as shown below.

Read the FAQ variables article for the full tutorial. 

NEW Weglot Academy 

We’ve launched a brand-new learning platform, Weglot Academy, to give you an in-depth understanding and step-by-step video introduction to using Weglot, to help you make the most of your website translation project. 

Our first course, Weglot Fast Track Training, can be completed in 25 minutes and gives you a comprehensive tour of your Weglot Dashboard showing you the most important features to help you manage your translations and customize your multilingual website easily.


NEW Project search

For those with multiple Weglot projects, we’ve now made it easier to find a particular project with our new search bar feature. 

You’ll find the search option in the dropdown of your project list if you have at least 10 of them.  

Translations List filters, activity log update, and statistics

updateTranslation list filters  

We’ve now made it possible for you to select multiple filters within each value from your Translations List. For example, you can select both automatic and manual translation. 

This is useful if you want to view your translations based on a number of filters and also helpful when exporting translations directly from the Translations List. 

To access this feature, navigate to your ‘Translations List’ and then select the relevant filters from the dropdown, combining the filters as required.  


updateActivity log

The recently launched ‘Activity log’ has now been updated to include details of when someone makes a change to a glossary rule.


For those with several languages on their Weglot project, your homepage will now give a general overview of all your translation requests. 

You can then navigate to your ‘Statistics’ tab to view in detail each separate language. 

Note: Statistics are only available for those on a Pro plan or above. 

Activity log, project progress bar and glossary update

new Activity log 

You can now view all the activities associated with your Weglot project through a dedicated page ‘Activity events’. Here you can filter by ‘User’ and then the type of activity that was carried out. 

This is useful as it gives you a clear overview of any activity that has taken place and by which team member. 

To access this feature, go to the homepage of your Weglot Dashboard, and on the right-hand side under ‘Activity’ click on ‘+ View more’. 

UPDATE Glossary custom language 

The glossary feature has now been fixed to ensure any rules you make with a custom language where there’s no language provider selected (for example British English to American English) will be applied. 

UPDATE Project progress bar 

We’ve made a small update on your Weglot Dashboard homepage to show the exact percentage of your current word usage and translation requests when you hover over it. 

This gives you a simple overview so you know when you’ll reach your monthly limit. This is only visible if you have 1 project. 

Advanced URL exclusion settings and synchronizing URL content progress update

newURL exclusion

In the ‘Translations Exclusions’ section of your dashboard, you can now make some new customizations when excluding URLs. 

We’ve added two options, ‘Language button visibility’ and ‘Exclusion behavior’. 

‘Language button visibility’ allows you to choose whether you want the language button to be shown on this URL even though the URL is not translated. If you keep it visible, the language switcher will be visible so visitors can change the language if they'd like. If not, the language switcher will be hidden. 

In the ‘Exclusion behavior’ drop down there are two options: 

  • ‘URL redirects to original URL’ means the translated URL will not be accessible and will always redirect to the original URL. 
  • ‘URL exists but is not translated’ means the page is accessible by URL but will not be translated. 

To access this feature navigate to your ‘Settings’ > ‘Translation Exclusions’ and ‘Add rule’. 

new Synchronizing URL content 

We’ve made a small update to show the live progress when synchronizing the content of your URLs, through the URLs tab. 

When you bulk synchronize your URLs a progress bar will appear at the top letting you know the action is taking place and showing you when it has been completed. 

To access this feature, navigate to your ‘Translations’ tab > ‘URLs’.  

update Notification on Translations List 

We’ve made a small update within your ‘Translations List’ to notify you if you have ‘Display automatic translations’ and/or ‘Make public’ switched off. 

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