Release 4.57

Hi! This week's big feature is the general availability of Page Views, the first in a series of features designed to give you more tools to measure and optimize the effects of your localization efforts. 

As always, if you have ideas or suggestions you'd like to see make it into the product, feel free to reach out to

new Page views statistics

The Page Views feature is now available for all Pro plans and above. 

It gives you insight into your website visitors’ location and their browser language, providing you with the data to see exactly where your website traffic is coming from and in what language visitors are viewing your site. 

This useful data can help you optimize your website translation efforts further and improve your international marketing strategy by understanding which new languages to target.  

You can activate the feature today in your Weglot dashboard. 

See my page views

beta URL Slugs import/export

For users with an Advanced plan and above using Weglot to translate their URLs, we now have capabilities to import and export your URL slugs. 

This makes it easy to translate the URLs in a staging environment and then importing it into a live website. It can also allows you to work with a Translation Management System to re-use existing translations to translate your URLs. 

If you'd like to test this feature, please reach out at

update Improvements

- Added a warning when you order professional translations that aren't active on your website. 

- Added a "View more" button to easily access older notifications in the notification popover. 

- Added additional information in the interface when a credit card is refused by our payment provider. 

- Improved formatting of a few notifications when it comes to numbers & dates. 

- Clarified the concept of "custom name" and "local custom name" when it comes to languages. 

- Fixed a bug where translations could be copy pasted twice twice inside of the Visual Editor.