Release 4.62

Hi 👋 

Weglot 4.62 is now available! This release contains a new feature that allows you to pause your subscription.

We hope you enjoy this new release! As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

new  Pause Plan

This feature is available once a year for all users with a monthly payment plan. 

It allows you to pause your plan for up to three months. In the meantime, you won’t lose any data and the free plan limits will be enforced. When you pause your plan, any remaining days you paid for will be postponed until it's reactivated.

To access this functionality, go to the billing page and then select “Cancel current plan”. Then you will have the possibility to Downgrade, Cancel or Pause your subscription.

Select "Pause" and then choose how long you want to pause your plan: one, two, or three months

Weglot will take care of everything! Your plan will be paused during the selected amount of time and will be automatically reactivated and the end of the period. 

You can also reactivate your subscription at any time on the billing page.