Variables feature, Weglot Academy, and project search bar

new Variables

We’ve now added a variable feature that allows you to combine translations that have similar (but not identical) content, into a single one. This is useful as it allows you to reduce your word count.

For example, "Order #324", "Order#325", or if a customer is logged in on your website and you display a message such as "Hello John," you may have several translations like the following:

Once you turn this into a variable, it will appear like this in your Translations List:

To create a variable navigate to your Translations List and click on the ‘see details’ icon next to the relevant translation, as shown below.

Read the FAQ variables article for the full tutorial. 

NEW Weglot Academy 

We’ve launched a brand-new learning platform, Weglot Academy, to give you an in-depth understanding and step-by-step video introduction to using Weglot, to help you make the most of your website translation project. 

Our first course, Weglot Fast Track Training, can be completed in 25 minutes and gives you a comprehensive tour of your Weglot Dashboard showing you the most important features to help you manage your translations and customize your multilingual website easily.


NEW Project search

For those with multiple Weglot projects, we’ve now made it easier to find a particular project with our new search bar feature. 

You’ll find the search option in the dropdown of your project list if you have at least 10 of them.