Release 5.4

Hi everyone! 👋 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest feature – Workspaces!
With Workspaces, you can easily organize and collaborate on your projects.

new Workspaces

You have now the possibility to create a workspace! A workspace has its plan, its members and its projects.

There are two categories of workspaces :

  •  Your personal workspace
  •  An organization's workspace

Everyone has a personal workspace, if you're already using Weglot, it means that you are working in your own "Personal Workspace".

If you want to create a workspace for your organization it's easy:
Go to Profile and at the bottom of the page you'll find the category "Workspaces". Click Create, choose a name and you have your new workspace.

Now you can use the switcher on the top left of your screen to switch between workspaces and projects. You can select a plan for your workspace, start creating your projects and invite members to collaborate.

On this switcher we can see the personal workspace "My workspace", two organizations "Floran" and "Weglot" and someone else's personal workspace "Jeanne's workspace".

In the Workspaces section, you'll see all of your workspaces with their information: "Personal" or Organization", plan, your role, number of projects...

How can you collaborate?

In an organization, you can invite someone to the entire organization, and give them the role of translator or manager. Then you'll be able to collaborate on every project within this organization.

If you want to invite someone on only a specific project and not all of them, go to your project > Settings > Projects members> Add give them a translator or manager role, the member you add to your project won't have access to the other project on your workspace and will appear as a "Guest" on your workspace.

On the Users tab (only visible if it's an organization, not a personal workspace), you can see every user working on your organization whether they are guests or members of the entire organization. You can also add a member to your organization from this tab.

Transform your workspace into an organization: 

If you want to transform your personal workspace into an organization, go to Profile and click on the organization icon. 

We hope you find this feature useful! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out at if you have any questions or need help getting started.

Release 5.0

Hi everyone 👋 

We're excited to announce a major improvement to Weglot - a brand-new dashboard design! We've been working hard to create a design that is both modern and functional, and most importantly, with the needs and feedback of our users a top priority. 

And, thanks to this new design we've been able to work on a very interesting new feature which will soon be revealed!

Improvement  New design

Your dashboard has undergone some fresh new changes to its interface, but don't worry, your favorite pages haven't changed.

We added a new layer of navigation where you can see an overview of all of your projects, a complete list of all your projects, and access to your billing information.

The global navigation

On the top of the page, you now have 3 tabs: Overview, Projects, and Billing.

On the overview page, you can see your plan usage, a list of your projects, or if you have only one project, a more detailed view of that project. There's also a section showing the latest activity events across your projects.

The switcher of the project is no longer here but you can choose which project you want to work on directly on the overview page or the project tab.

On the project tab, there's a list of all of your projects with important information such as the total number of words, and number of languages.

The billing tab remains unchanged, it's just now easier to find.

If you're invited to help someone with their project, you'll see a switcher on the top left of your screen allowing you to switch between the context of your project or theirs.

For example on this screen, the switcher shows Vincent's projects and Jeanne's projects. If I stay in Vincent's Organization, the overview, projects, billing, and activity events will be Vincent's, but if I select Jeanne's Organization projects it will be hers.

Now let's dive in on how to work on your translation

As we said, you can select the project from the overview or on the projects tab. Once it's selected you'll see breadcrumbs telling you exactly where you are. In the screenshot, we are on the Visual Editor page( inside the translation item) for the project "MyWebsite".

Circled in red on the screenshot shows the name of the project is displayed and in blue is the path to the page where you are currently working.

When working on your project, you'll notice that the Weglot Dashboard remains unchanged, only the navigation has moved. It's now on the left of your screen and you don't need to click on an item to see what's inside, helping to improve your efficiency!

This navigation is for the project you are on, if you want to see the Visual Editor page for another project, you'll have to go to the projects (or overview) tab on top of your screen and select the right project.

Here we can see the navigation on the left for the project "MyWebsite"

new Variable suggestions

Variable suggestion works by suggesting variables that can help to reduce the word count of your translations while ensuring that they still convey the same meaning in the target language.

For example, if you have a phrase that appears multiple times in your Translations List with a number as the only difference, Weglot can suggest that you use a variable to replace it. This will help save you time and energy while still ensuring that your translations are accurate.

Note, this feature suggests variables that contain only numbers.

To access it, click on "action" and then "view variable suggestions" in your Translations List.

You'll see all the suggestions and if you want to merge them by creating a variable just click on "Merge Translation”, Weglot will create the new variable for you and you’ll be able to see the change in your Translations List!

As ever, we’d love to know what you think of the new design and feature. We value your feedback and would appreciate your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas so we can continue making changes that benefit your workflow. Please let us know any feedback by contacting us at

Release 4.69

Hi everyone 👋 

Weglot 4.69 is now available! This release contains a new feature that allows you to create variables containing multiple words.

Improvement Variable with multiple words 

If you have very similar but not identical content, you may have multiple translations that would increase your total word count. 

For example, if you want to welcome your customer you may have several translations such as “Hello Marie Josephine Scott”, “Hello Michael Lindsey”, “Hello Ava Silva”… 

The variable feature will allow you to combine all those translations into a single one with a variable, and therefore reduce your word count.

To set them up, go to the "See details" panel then to the "Variable" tab, and click on "define variables”. From there, highlight the word (or words) you want to transform into a variable.

When creating your variable, you can now choose if it contains only one or multiple words. If you highlighted multiple words you won’t be able to change it but if you highlighted only one word you can activate the switcher, then Weglot will find all matching translations with one or multiple words.

The preview shows you the matches found, these matched translations will be deleted when you click on "Save" and replaced with a unique translation that contains a variable.

Release 4.67

Hi everyone 👋 

This week’s release is a mix of improvements and a new view of your project usage.

new  See your detailed usage per URL

This feature is available for all users having more than one project. 

You are now able to see your word usage and translation requests by project and URL. You can access this functionality directly on the Usage page or on your Home > Plan Usage > + View usage by project.

On the bottom of the page, you’ll see your project information, when clicking on "Show detail" the top five URLs ordered by Translation Requests will be shown.

Improvement  Translation List 

We changed the translation display to keep you informed about the state of your translations. 

When you edit a translation, you can save it by clicking anywhere on the screen, or if you prefer we added a button right next to the translation to click and save. Once the translation is saved you’ll see the green text “Saved” right under the translation. 

If Weglot notices something unusual, the translation will be underlined in yellow, you can hover to see the warning. Note, your translation will still be saved even with the error. 

If there is an error in your translation it will be underlined in red and you’ll see the error by hovering over it. In this instance, your translation won’t be saved until the error is fixed.

Improvement  Display cart on order

If you ordered professional translations, you can see an overview in Translations > Professional Translations. For any unpaid translations, a link to your cart has been added to allow you to finalize and pay for your order. 

Release 4.63

Hi everyone 👋 

This week’s release is a mix of improvements including a rework of the import/export, as well a newly added feature about the tone of traduction. 

new Choose your machine translation tone

This feature is available for all users with an advanced plan or above. 

For certain language pairs, you are now able to set the tone you want your website to be translated into, whether that be formal or informal.

You can access this functionality directly when adding a language and change it anytime through your Languages tab by clicking on options.

Note: This feature is not available for all language pairs, if you have an advanced plan or above and the option is not available it's because the language pair doesn't support this option.

Improvement Import/Export

We've added another verification layer when importing a file to your project. This avoids any import that could damage your translation project. 

We've also improved how we communicate the progress of your import. This is thanks to a redesign of the import preview as well as the file received by email so you can better understand if there is a problem.

If you have a custom language you are now able to import translations (not glossary rules or slugs) using the custom code you defined and not the default one Weglot uses. When exporting your translations, this same language code will be displayed.

Release 4.62

Hi 👋 

Weglot 4.62 is now available! This release contains a new feature that allows you to pause your subscription.

We hope you enjoy this new release! As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

new  Pause Plan

This feature is available once a year for all users with a monthly payment plan. 

It allows you to pause your plan for up to three months. In the meantime, you won’t lose any data and the free plan limits will be enforced. When you pause your plan, any remaining days you paid for will be postponed until it's reactivated.

To access this functionality, go to the billing page and then select “Cancel current plan”. Then you will have the possibility to Downgrade, Cancel or Pause your subscription.

Select "Pause" and then choose how long you want to pause your plan: one, two, or three months

Weglot will take care of everything! Your plan will be paused during the selected amount of time and will be automatically reactivated and the end of the period. 

You can also reactivate your subscription at any time on the billing page.

Release 4.60

Hi everyone, this cumulative changelog covers a few releases over the month of August. It's a mix of continuous improvements, and a big rework of authentication to make it easier to login with Google & other providers, including enterprise-specific single sign-on. 

This also prepares the arrival of the "Organization" feature, which will make it easier to handle big teams working on multiple projects in Weglot. 

new SSO sign-in

You can now login to Weglot using your Google account, as well as your corporate account provided it supports SAML-based authentication (for enterprise-level customers only - contact us at if you're interested).

update  Page views

We released the new Page views statistics a few weeks ago, and now it's time for a first wave of user experience improvements based on your feedback. We've made the "language" display clearer by adding human-friendly label, as well as a visual indicator of whether a language is already translated or not. 


update URL exclusion

When you decide to exclude an URL or an URL range from future translation, Weglot will now ask you if you'd like to delete the associated translations that have already been created. 

You will also get a visual indicator that a URL has been excluded while browsing your translations. 

update Workflow

We want to make it easier for you to find new content and work on it by manually reviewing and editing translations. Expect a few upgrades in that direction in the next releases, but we've already made a few changes in that direction

  • In the URLs page, you can now sort URLs by "most recently created", so you'll have easy access to new pages that might require manual review. 
  • The default sort when accessing your translations will show you content that was newly created and active on your website. 

Improvement Various

  • The glossary import & export feature has been reworked. It will give you an enhance preview when importing, as well as better information whenever an error occurs.
  • External links aren't created by default anymore, but have to be added manually. 
  • At registration, we'll tell you if your password doesn't match validation rules before you click any button. 
  • We have better compatibility with password managers, which won't try to fill up Weglot form fields that have nothing to do with them. 

Release 4.57

Hi! This week's big feature is the general availability of Page Views, the first in a series of features designed to give you more tools to measure and optimize the effects of your localization efforts. 

As always, if you have ideas or suggestions you'd like to see make it into the product, feel free to reach out to

new Page views statistics

The Page Views feature is now available for all Pro plans and above. 

It gives you insight into your website visitors’ location and their browser language, providing you with the data to see exactly where your website traffic is coming from and in what language visitors are viewing your site. 

This useful data can help you optimize your website translation efforts further and improve your international marketing strategy by understanding which new languages to target.  

You can activate the feature today in your Weglot dashboard. 

See my page views

beta URL Slugs import/export

For users with an Advanced plan and above using Weglot to translate their URLs, we now have capabilities to import and export your URL slugs. 

This makes it easy to translate the URLs in a staging environment and then importing it into a live website. It can also allows you to work with a Translation Management System to re-use existing translations to translate your URLs. 

If you'd like to test this feature, please reach out at

update Improvements

- Added a warning when you order professional translations that aren't active on your website. 

- Added a "View more" button to easily access older notifications in the notification popover. 

- Added additional information in the interface when a credit card is refused by our payment provider. 

- Improved formatting of a few notifications when it comes to numbers & dates. 

- Clarified the concept of "custom name" and "local custom name" when it comes to languages. 

- Fixed a bug where translations could be copy pasted twice twice inside of the Visual Editor. 

Release 4.56

Hi👋This week's release marks the return to our regular updates after the major technical update of release 4.54, and includes a number of quality of life improvements. 

beta Work has begun on the "Organization" feature, which will allow you to better organize multiple projects and team members. If you'd like to be involved in its development or would be interested in testing it, please reach out to!

new URL merging

You're now able to associate all translations present on a URL to another URL, allowing you to handle scenarios where content has been moved from page to page and helping with big content migrations.

new Search and filters in Exclusions page

You're now able to search and filter exclusion rules in their dedicated page, which will help maintaining huge projects with complex content structures. 

Improvement Billing Address Autocomplete

You'll now get an helpful autocomplete when setting or changing your billing address. 

Improvement URL cleaning

URLs will now get deleted automatically whenever all of the translations associated with them are removed. 

Improvement Integrations

  • (WordPress) We've released a version 3.7.2 of the WordPress plugin to deal with compatibility issues with certain WordPress hosting solutions. 
  • (JS) Added an option to disable cookies added for logging purposes. 
  • (Shopify) Improvements to the translations in certain cases during checkout. 
  • (Squarespace) Properly translate additional login menus. 
  • (Salesforce) Fixed an issue where translations would interfere with some UI components. 

Improvement Security

  • Disabling 2FA on your account now requires that you re-authenticate through it.
  • Changing the email on your account now requires verifying the new email address.

fix Various fixes

  • Fixed an issue where search strings weren't displayed after a reload. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where translations couldn't be edited without reloading the page after creating a variable.

Release 4.55

Hi 👋 This week's release major feature is a step towards giving you more tools to manage your active and inactive translations. 

As always, if you'd like to suggest improvements to the product, click on "❓" and "Feedback" from your Weglot dashboard!  

[Major] Ability to mass delete inactive translations

We’ve added an easy solution to delete all inactive translations (or only the ones you haven’t worked on manually) without having to go through the Translation List. You can access it through the Inactive Translations page


  • Fixes to the behavior of Weglot’s auto-switch with Filipino-speaking users.
  • Fixes to the behavior of Weglot’s auto-switch in incognito mode.


  • The WordPress plugin had a major release, 3.7, you can see what’s included here!
  • Improvements to our compatibility with Shopify apps checking for the users’ language.
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