Release 4.67

Hi everyone 👋 

This week’s release is a mix of improvements and a new view of your project usage.

new  See your detailed usage per URL

This feature is available for all users having more than one project. 

You are now able to see your word usage and translation requests by project and URL. You can access this functionality directly on the Usage page or on your Home > Plan Usage > + View usage by project.

On the bottom of the page, you’ll see your project information, when clicking on "Show detail" the top five URLs ordered by Translation Requests will be shown.

Improvement  Translation List 

We changed the translation display to keep you informed about the state of your translations. 

When you edit a translation, you can save it by clicking anywhere on the screen, or if you prefer we added a button right next to the translation to click and save. Once the translation is saved you’ll see the green text “Saved” right under the translation. 

If Weglot notices something unusual, the translation will be underlined in yellow, you can hover to see the warning. Note, your translation will still be saved even with the error. 

If there is an error in your translation it will be underlined in red and you’ll see the error by hovering over it. In this instance, your translation won’t be saved until the error is fixed.

Improvement  Display cart on order

If you ordered professional translations, you can see an overview in Translations > Professional Translations. For any unpaid translations, a link to your cart has been added to allow you to finalize and pay for your order.