Release 5.4

Hi everyone! 👋 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest feature – Workspaces!
With Workspaces, you can easily organize and collaborate on your projects.

new Workspaces

You have now the possibility to create a workspace! A workspace has its plan, its members and its projects.

There are two categories of workspaces :

  •  Your personal workspace
  •  An organization's workspace

Everyone has a personal workspace, if you're already using Weglot, it means that you are working in your own "Personal Workspace".

If you want to create a workspace for your organization it's easy:
Go to Profile and at the bottom of the page you'll find the category "Workspaces". Click Create, choose a name and you have your new workspace.

Now you can use the switcher on the top left of your screen to switch between workspaces and projects. You can select a plan for your workspace, start creating your projects and invite members to collaborate.

On this switcher we can see the personal workspace "My workspace", two organizations "Floran" and "Weglot" and someone else's personal workspace "Jeanne's workspace".

In the Workspaces section, you'll see all of your workspaces with their information: "Personal" or Organization", plan, your role, number of projects...

How can you collaborate?

In an organization, you can invite someone to the entire organization, and give them the role of translator or manager. Then you'll be able to collaborate on every project within this organization.

If you want to invite someone on only a specific project and not all of them, go to your project > Settings > Projects members> Add give them a translator or manager role, the member you add to your project won't have access to the other project on your workspace and will appear as a "Guest" on your workspace.

On the Users tab (only visible if it's an organization, not a personal workspace), you can see every user working on your organization whether they are guests or members of the entire organization. You can also add a member to your organization from this tab.

Transform your workspace into an organization: 

If you want to transform your personal workspace into an organization, go to Profile and click on the organization icon. 

We hope you find this feature useful! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out at if you have any questions or need help getting started.