Release 5.0

Hi everyone 👋 

We're excited to announce a major improvement to Weglot - a brand-new dashboard design! We've been working hard to create a design that is both modern and functional, and most importantly, with the needs and feedback of our users a top priority. 

And, thanks to this new design we've been able to work on a very interesting new feature which will soon be revealed!

Improvement  New design

Your dashboard has undergone some fresh new changes to its interface, but don't worry, your favorite pages haven't changed.

We added a new layer of navigation where you can see an overview of all of your projects, a complete list of all your projects, and access to your billing information.

The global navigation

On the top of the page, you now have 3 tabs: Overview, Projects, and Billing.

On the overview page, you can see your plan usage, a list of your projects, or if you have only one project, a more detailed view of that project. There's also a section showing the latest activity events across your projects.

The switcher of the project is no longer here but you can choose which project you want to work on directly on the overview page or the project tab.

On the project tab, there's a list of all of your projects with important information such as the total number of words, and number of languages.

The billing tab remains unchanged, it's just now easier to find.

If you're invited to help someone with their project, you'll see a switcher on the top left of your screen allowing you to switch between the context of your project or theirs.

For example on this screen, the switcher shows Vincent's projects and Jeanne's projects. If I stay in Vincent's Organization, the overview, projects, billing, and activity events will be Vincent's, but if I select Jeanne's Organization projects it will be hers.

Now let's dive in on how to work on your translation

As we said, you can select the project from the overview or on the projects tab. Once it's selected you'll see breadcrumbs telling you exactly where you are. In the screenshot, we are on the Visual Editor page( inside the translation item) for the project "MyWebsite".

Circled in red on the screenshot shows the name of the project is displayed and in blue is the path to the page where you are currently working.

When working on your project, you'll notice that the Weglot Dashboard remains unchanged, only the navigation has moved. It's now on the left of your screen and you don't need to click on an item to see what's inside, helping to improve your efficiency!

This navigation is for the project you are on, if you want to see the Visual Editor page for another project, you'll have to go to the projects (or overview) tab on top of your screen and select the right project.

Here we can see the navigation on the left for the project "MyWebsite"

new Variable suggestions

Variable suggestion works by suggesting variables that can help to reduce the word count of your translations while ensuring that they still convey the same meaning in the target language.

For example, if you have a phrase that appears multiple times in your Translations List with a number as the only difference, Weglot can suggest that you use a variable to replace it. This will help save you time and energy while still ensuring that your translations are accurate.

Note, this feature suggests variables that contain only numbers.

To access it, click on "action" and then "view variable suggestions" in your Translations List.

You'll see all the suggestions and if you want to merge them by creating a variable just click on "Merge Translation”, Weglot will create the new variable for you and you’ll be able to see the change in your Translations List!

As ever, we’d love to know what you think of the new design and feature. We value your feedback and would appreciate your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas so we can continue making changes that benefit your workflow. Please let us know any feedback by contacting us at