Search and replace feature returns and new translations management update

update Search and replace returns

We’ve brought back the search and replace feature within your Translations List. This makes it easy for you to find and replace certain translated words quickly and in bulk. 

This is useful if you want to change a particular translation across the whole of your website. To access the feature go to your Translations List > language pair and then click on the icon next to the search bar. 

A box will appear where you can search your translations (in the translated language) and replace with a different translation. You can also choose between case sensitive or not. 

Click ‘Replace xx translation(s) and the change will be made in all of your translations in the Translations List and across your website - the translation will then be renamed ‘manually edited’. 

Note: the glossary feature is more suited to those that would like to set up a rule so a particular word is always replaced by a different one automatically, rather than manually using the search and replace. 


new  Filter translations by ‘reviewed by’ 

It’s now possible to filter your translations by the team member (or translator) that reviewed, edited, or ordered a professional translation. 

This is useful for your translation management workflow as you can quickly see who in your team has edited which parts of your website. 

To access this feature, navigate to your Translations > Translations list and use the filter to select the team member or translator from the dropdown.