New translation management by URL, customize your subdomains and URL slug translation update

 new Translation management by URL

Managing, scanning and translating your content just got an upgrade. With a new area in your Weglot Dashboard in Translations > URLs you can now see an overview of every URL on your website and the translated content linked to it. 

This is particularly useful as you can see what percentage of a particular URL has been manually edited, if there’s a specific URL that hasn’t been synced yet (no translations found) or if you’re missing a URL entirely. 

You can also easily add a new missing URL or generate translations from a specific URL if it’s missing from this section of your dashboard. 

Other useful features include: 

  • A search bar to quickly find a specific URL
  • Select which languages you want to view, either one language at a time, or multiple 
  • Use the ‘Missing a URL? Scan your website’ button at the bottom of the page.  

You can also delete or exclude URLs from being translated by Weglot too. Do this by clicking on the trash icon of a particular URL. 


A popup will appear asking whether you want to permanently delete all the translations associated with this URL and whether you actually also want to exclude this URL from translation. This means the language switcher will not be available on that page for your website visitors. 

Note: deleting a URL from the list will not stop website visitors from visiting the page in the target language. To do this, you will need to exclude the URL so it will no longer be available in that target language. 

new Customize your subdomains 

It’s now possible to customize your subdomains for those that are targeting specific languages for example, French Canadian or Brazilian Portuguese. In such instances, you may want your subdomain to be instead of 

To do this you’ll need to deactivate and then reactivate your subdomains through your Weglot Dashboard and update your DNS entries. 

Go to Settings > Setup and scroll to the bottom. Toggle off ‘Enable Subdomains’ and click ‘Remove’ when the warning message appears. 

Then click on ‘Enable Subdomains’ to reconfigure your subdomain integration again. Follow the steps until you are at the image below. 

Click on the language code which will allow you to edit it. For example, you could add fr-ca for French Canadian and then click the tick. 

Then simply add that same subdomain code in the DNS records of your domain name provider to finish the process. 

For those using our WordPress integration, you can also customize your subdirectories by following this guide

update  URL slug translation 

You can now automatically translate multiple URL slugs at once. 

This is useful if you’d like to bulk translate your URLs with machine translation and then either leave the translation as it is or make manual edits. 

Go to the Translations tab > URL slugs. 

Then tick multiple URLs or all the URLs, then click on the language icon at the bottom of the page.