Glossary rule import

new Glossary rule import 

You now have the option to import a CSV file with up to 500 glossary rules in your Weglot dashboard. 

This can be useful for a number of reasons. If you have numerous words or short phrases you don’t wish to translate, this method will save you time. It’s also good for team collaboration, for example you can share your CSV file internally to get the input of your team. 

To access this feature go to your Dashboard > Translations > Glossary > Import:

Then add your CSV file here:

You can download an example file to ensure you fill out the correct fields for your glossary rules. 

Once uploaded, click ‘Import’ to finalize the process. If you already have an existing rule for a specific word and you have updated that rule within your CSV upload, make sure you select ‘Update existing glossary rules’ if you want to override it.