Filter by untranslated slugs, delete slugs in bulk and custom flags

new Filter by untranslated slugs and delete slugs in bulk

You can now filter by your untranslated slugs through your ‘URL Slugs’ tab in the Weglot Dashboard. This is useful for quickly finding all your URL slugs that have not yet been translated (if you have chosen to translate your slugs). 

To access this feature go to your ‘Translations’ tab and ‘URL Slugs’. Use the ‘Filter’ to select ‘Only show empty’. 

To switch between language pairs click here:

Another new feature within your ‘URL Slugs’ tab is the option to delete multiple URLs in bulk. This is useful if you want to delete the slug translation, or if you’ve deleted a URL completely from your site, or excluded it from translation, this will help keep your URL Slugs tab clean.

Simply select the slugs you no longer want to remain in your list and click on the bin icon at the bottom. 

Note: This action won’t exclude the URL from being translated - that can only be done in the URL tab. This only deletes the slug translations if you made a translation. 

new Custom flags and edit the language name

You can now upload a custom flag or edit the name of the language that will be displayed within your language switcher. 

To make this change go to your ‘Translations’ tab and click on the pencil icon next to the language you’d like to edit the name or the flag of. 

Make your change in the custom name box and/ or click on the ‘Or upload your flag’. 

new Whitelist 

Through your Weglot Dashboard, you can now add a CORS protection when calling our Translation API client-side. This can be useful as it can mitigate the security risks involved with sharing resources across multiple domains or if you notice someone might be trying to use your Weglot API key without your consent. 

To access this feature go to your ‘Settings’ tab and ‘Setup’, scroll to the bottom of the page and add a website(s) to the ‘domains’ box, then click ‘save changes’. Only the websites in the whitelist will be allowed.