Export translations based on filters and exclude URLs by language pair

new Translations list export 

We’ve now made it even easier to export your translations by giving you the option to export by:

  • URL
  • Translation type (text, media, meta)
  • Translation quality (automatic, manual, pro)
  • Specific string 
  • CSV or XLIFF

This is useful if you want to for example, export all your automatic translations to have them reviewed outside of the Weglot dashboard or just the translations of a specific page.

To access this new feature, go into your translation pair, use the filter to select what quality or translation type you want to export, select the translations individually or by URL (select all) and click the ‘Export’ icon.  

Once your export is completed, you’ll receive an email notifying you that the file is ready. 

Note: you can still choose to export all your website translations by using the export button before you go into your specific language pair. 

new Exclude URLs per language

You can now choose to exclude a specific URL from translation based on a language pair. 

This is useful if you want to exclude page(s) from being translated in only one specific language.

To make use of this new feature go into your Settings > Translations exclusions then ‘Add rule’. Make your exclusion as usual, but select which language pair you want to apply it to (you can still choose to exclude it for all languages by clicking on each language). 

Manage URLs, transfer ownership and new Prestashop module

new Better manage your URLs (beta)

You can now better manage your URLs from your Translation List. This new feature allows you to:

  • scan the URLs of your website
  • see if any translations are linked to a specific URL
  • fetch the content of a specific URL
  • delete URLs from your Translation List

This is very useful if you want to delete a batch of URLs displayed on your Translation List that don’t exist anymore. It also makes it easier to fetch the current content of a page and generate the associated translations.

To find this new feature: Go to the Translation List of one of your language pairs and click on “Manage URLs” at the bottom of your URLs list.

This feature is still in beta. If you have any issues or feedback, please contact our support team.

new Ownership transfer

Transfer the ownership of a Weglot project to someone else in your project’s team. The person you transfer the ownership to must be a member of the project team and he/she must have a subscription plan big enough to accommodate the new project (The number of translated words, translated languages, etc … must match the needs of the transferred project).

This is very useful if you’re a web agency or freelancer and you would like to pass the project to your client for example.

Find this new feature under Settings > Team > Transfer ownership

new Prestashop module available!

The official Weglot module for Prestashop is live on the Prestashop Addons Marketplace.

It’s now way easier to add the Weglot Javascript snippet to all your Prestashop pages thanks to this module instead of having to go through an FTP to add it.

New public changelog

Our team is happy and humbled to see you here! 

From now on, we will be using this page to announce new features on Weglot. You will be able to access it directly in your Weglot dashboard